Hor-RIFF-ic Productions (hor_riff_ic) wrote in mscitheater3000,
Hor-RIFF-ic Productions

Hello Again!

Hope you don’t mind us butting in once again for a moment with some more shameless promotion.

In case you weren’t around last time, let us introduce ourselves… We are Gary and Erin Slasher, of Hor-RIFF-ic Productions, the goriest couple in movie riffing to date. We’ve started our own line of Horror-themed iRiffs over at Rifftrax.

We’d like to invite you to check out our second victim… Children of the Corn.

cotc poster

This film gets plowed, picked, shucked, cooked, eaten, and oddly enough, passed straight through our systems. Yep, this movie certainly doesn’t skimp on the fertilizer.

Check out a couple samples of our movie below…

You can purchase our iRiff (for only $1.99!) here.

If you like what you see, please feel free to friend us, or you can also add us on Myspace.

If you don’t, we’ll kill you and eat your brains.

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