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Hello, hello!

Yeesh, this place is DEAD. D: I PLAN TO HELP CHANGE THAT.

Hello, hello! This is Raina, AKA Radaj! I'm a 17-year-old girl from MS, USA, and my dad introduced me to MST3K years ago. I've recently gotten re-obsessed, and also gotten my best friend hooked as well. I'll link her here and see if she can help bring things back to life around here. :)

Let's see, other things about me... I'm a writer, so expect some fanfiction from me! I also make icons and banners occasionally, so I'll try and scatter some of that around, too.

I think just about the whole male cast of the show are adorable. XD Yes, including the ever-awesome bots. I'm also a firm believer in Dr. F/Frank as a couple. ;D I mean, how can you not be when it's that blatant? (I also think Crow/Tom Servo is cute, hahaha. I'm an odd one.)

My favorite stage of the show is very likely when Mike was hosting, and Dr. F and Frank were still the villains. :) That's my favorite version of Crow from what I've heard, as well.

Well, this is DRAAAAGGING on, so I'll stop it here. Once again, it's nice to meet you, if anyone else is still out there!
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